Jul 2, 2011

Waiting In The Sky

In a better mood this week.  Got work done(comics) and wrote a detailed plot for a future one.  My rule to writing is that it has to be interesting to me at all times and hopefully interesting to the reader and this comic is really fun to write.

I drew this picture of Jack Knight from one of my all time favorite comic series, Starman.  He was a great chilled out guy who loved antiques and didn't give a shit about being a superhero.  The story revolved around him having to take up the family dynasty as the newest Starman to stop someone who attacked his family.  He never wore a costume, had a cool leather jacket with a weird horoscope symbol on the back(One of my best friends met me when we started talking about liking comics and he mentioned Starman, my favorite at the time, and how then he showed me he had a tattoo of the symbol on the back of Jack Knights jacket on his back, from then on we were friends).

I once met the writer James Robinson(he later wrote some famous movies) and we bonded over my fondness for David Bowie's Starman and how he referenced it in the comic.  I'm sure it helped that back then I was one of a dozen people who would actually come with a beautiful woman(back then, shit, fifteen years ago, at comic conventions that was very rare, now half the place is filled with them, thank you women who like that stuff).  The title of this post is from that song.

Oh yeah, I should mention I didn't get that apartment.  I got really close but I was second in line and since my credit needs to be cleared up(which I am doing now) the other people had dibs.  It was a really time sensitive thing and because of that I almost got it but…oh well.  I'm probably moving down the street from there anyway.  Still looking and pickings are slim(most of the apartments are waaaay too expensive).

Sometimes I have to be careful what I say(I guess this won't help, but…).  Like last time I said I needed to get laid, which is true, but then friends started giving me lame ass advice, and totally missed the point.

All the advice was desperate.  Seriously.  And the problem is all the men here are like that.  I'm not desperate at all.  If I had to fuck I could do it.  There are two or three women who made it abundantly clear they would fuck me.  So that isn't the problem.  The problem is I am not interested.

Anyway, there are girls I run into I am attracted to, but as you'll see there is always a complication.

In my apartment complex there is this girl that has the same hair as Selena Gomez and since that is the closest to anyone she looks I call her that.  Basically one night I was doing my laundry really late.  She arrived in the parking lot with her friends all drunk.  I was in a little room and couldn't really see out.  But the Selena Gomez girl was trying to get into the room(it has a number lock).  I went over and opened it and since I could see she wasn't doing laundry and it was 2 in the morning I said, "Can I help you", and she looked at me like she had no idea what she was doing.  She just stared for a moment.  She said something little and then walked away.  I thought she was cute but I let it go since I was doing my laundry and she was drunk.  Then her friend stood at the doorway just staring and I said "yes?"  And she said she was just "enjoying the view."

As a dude, I rarely, very rarely get cat called, but this was close to it.

Then I saw the Selena Gomez girl again during the day, she was busy getting shit out of her car and I looked at her because she is cute and said hi.  She dropped it all, left the conversation with her friends and just stared and then gave me fuck me eyes.  But now having seen her friends I had to ask a serious question.  Just how old was this girl?  Because her friend look a little teenagery.  And really, if this girl looks like a full figured Selena Gomez, I have to look at the reality of the situation, the Pro: She looks like Selena Gomez.  The Con: well, she looks like Selena Gomez.

I'm that age where I'm old enough to see how wrong it would look(I just look way younger).

One time I said some stuff and it was really funny because something about the girl totally made me all manly and I was all cool and shit.  I even was aware I was acting differently.  She brought out something in me.  What a girl wants on some level.  It was like I was her fantasy so I started playing the part.  And since she is so cute I was way more flirty.  And then her lesbian friend saw the way we were talking and she was all "Dammnn", which of course made me smile.

Another time my friend was over and we crossed path with Gomez and we just said hi but when she turned the corner my friend whipped his head at me and said "Did you just see her?  She wanted to fuck you!" which made me chuckle and say "yeah I know"(for once).

And I wrote this on Thursday afternoon.  I went to my friend Crack Mike's birthday party and afterwards I was walking on the sidewalk and ran into a blond girl I think I almost went home with last year.  Somehow me and this girl had hung out, got pretty drunk and decided we should go home, and somehow I got distracted, and forgot and by the time I remembered she was gone.  Sounds like she ditched me, aside from the fact I literally forgot because I drank so much and remembered way later.  I mean thats just kind of fucking stupid.  And that was back when no girls were flirting with me.  Something about her cleavage was overpowering.  This time also.  We exchanged numbers but I'm not sure.  We are really different.  She is attractive and I'd have no problem with her in the sack its just I don't usually hook up.  But hey, I'm single so why not?  Also after all this time she said she had a picture of me, which I thought was interesting.  I think I'm just looking for something passionate and I'm moving anyway so some girl would have to blow me away at this point to make me care.

Is it bad that I kind of want to bring her home because my cat Oliver loves cleavage?  I'm an ass man but he is definitely a boob man(not that her ass was lacking because it was not).

Speaking of which, I just have to say there was one time a girl wore exactly what I liked, not only that, what I drew her in, and that was probably the biggest turn on of all.  That she may have possibly done that on purpose.  For me?  They were normal clothes, just the sexiest normal clothes and on her it was better than I could draw.  I didn't do her justice.

Funny thing is the education connection commercial came on and I kind of hate it but of course I left it on because of the obnoxious girl.  Ten minutes ago I had to cuddle with my cat for a while because that Sarah Mclaclane(sp?) sad pet music came on with all those crying animals.

By the way the season finale to Game Of Thrones was the best.  Also True Blood must be trying to sucker me in with those girls because holy crap!  I thought Game Of Thrones was fucking with me because they had impossibly beautiful whores on the show(they played whores, I'm not making a horrible generalization).  But True Blood is like casting people on the who now based on my mental recommendations apparently.  I have a connection with a guy who keeps appearing on it who I can just call up.  But he is the kind of guy I once threatened to punch in the face next time I saw him, so even though all that's in the past I'm not thrilled to call him to get an audition.  Plus I got to slim up if I'm gonna be on that show.  So the task is before me.


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