Jul 28, 2008

We'll Always Have San Diego

Got back last night in time to say good bye to Diana before she left for Arizona. Really sad to see her go. She helped made this summer way better than it could have been. Then I went straight to sleep. Woke up at like 10:30 and ate, read Scott Pilgrim which I had heard so much about and it turned out to be really good. Then back to sleep. Have to acclimate myself back to the shit that is the Bay Area.

Anyway, back to the whole San Diego vacation story. I got there on Wednesday, I've explained myself for Thursday and Friday. That last post was written right before I was leaving at like 1AM to go drinking. What me and Raul didn't know was that everywhere stops serving alcohol and basically shuts down at 1. So we went and met Tu-Anh over at Hooters where she was eating. The waitress was pissed but it's Hooters so she was forced to be nice to us. I think Raul knew that deep down so we both just started chatting her up almost just because we knew that was the last thing she wanted to do but she was going to do it anyway. She had a pen with her picture on it. Is it really so pervy of me to automatically assume that it's one of those pens that when you turn it upside down the top comes off of the girl? Well, it wasn't that kind of pen. Hey, this was the perfect time to have one of those I think. If I worked there I'd have one where my pants fell down just enough to show some neck(dick neck).

videoSaturday was pretty fun. I slept in a bit, didn't take in any panels, crushed like nuts on my cat eyed girl who was my official Comicon crush. Yeah, she looks like my style again. Fuck it, I guess I like Cat Eyed girls. Like only like them. People tell me those girls have cat eyes. I don't get it but I guess I like it. She was cool. Didn't want anything to do with me but she was cool about it. I got to take a picture with her dressed as a mermaid. Earlier the same day I met up with Jonathan and was mesmerized by the goth cheerleader and he offered to take a picture of me and her and well, yeah. Hurm.

I put up this video from my camera. It shows some parts of the convention center, kind of how big it is. The sail boats are in the back. I show all the books I bought and some artwork I bought. I also got a cool poster from Robert Valley(a real cool guy by the way). The last two shots are of the hotel right across the street where I was staying and then the hotel room with everyone packed in. I know Jana and Vincent are hidden somewhere in there. The rest are Jonathan, Fong, Tu-anh, Tu-tram(her sister), Raul, and two dudes I forgot their name. And me.

After the convention, we all met up at the hotel room. 7 people were staying there on Saturday night. Someone mentioned Suicide Girls so we all talked about them. As we were leaving the hotel some dude came up to us trying to convince us to get on a bus to go to some party. I saw tattoos and corsets on the flyer and that was good enough, I wanted to go(and was convinced this was the Suicide Girls). We went to a place to eat called the Tilted Quilt first. The waitresses were all dressed as school girls basically. It's funny how I had no problem going to this party with half naked(perhaps fully naked) women, but when I go to an eatery with my friends and some of them are girls I see it as totally sexist and misogynistic. I just can't be blindsided by half naked women. I need to know what I am going in for. Like the previous night in Hooters. We were invited there by a girl. So I don't feel bad about it. But if I take a girl to a place like that without knowing I feel really bad about it. And of course, regardless I got really drunk and forgot what I was ordering at the first flash of boobs. What a hypocrite.

Our food was all payed for by Rob Liefeld because Jonathan and him go way back. I thanked him a bunch and then bought him some drinks(with my friends...in fact I think I pitched in the lowest amount, jerk). Hate his art, but he was a really nice guy. We all had shots and Long Island Ice Teas and Guinesses.

I then left the party early by myself to go to that Suicide Girls party(and it wasn't a Suicide Girls party, I had just assumed because we were talking about them). I get to this bus parked in front of our hotel with my flyer and get on. I am the only one on the bus. First clue I'm about to get raped in Tijuana.

The guy in "charge" has no idea what is going on or where we are going. I figure I'm old and deserve it so what the fuck if I end up missing a few organs getting hep C from walking bare foot on broken bottles on the streets of Mexico. We drive for a while and end up a few miles away at some bar. I walk in and there is like twenty people present. And none of them are Sasha Grey(who was advertised on the flyer and holy shit is she hot[also dirty as fuck]). This band is playing that sucks pretty hard is is only made worse by how hard they are trying. Luckily the girl in front of me looks like Jennifer Annistan mixed with Tomb Raider so my tolerance level was higher than it would have been otherwise.

At some point a girl goes up and does a burlesque show for one song. Not into the girl or the song so I take the better part of valor and proceed to get fucked up(I sobered up enough after the last party from watching that shitty band). Then some crazy goths(unattractive road warrior style goths) get up and do a dance that I have no fucking clue what was trying to be attempted. After that I go out to the bus to take me back(to sanity as well as my hotel). It is long gone. The dude in charge looks shell shocked. We are too embarrassed to talk to each other at this point and know that somehow this all ends in murder so we avoid each others gaze. I go around back to this bar where I get more shots of Patron and talk to the bartender who looks like Popeye. He is pretty cool so I chill there for a while not knowing how many dicks I will have to suck to get back to downtown San Diego and considering walking all the way there drunk and maybe not surviving(I was just going to take a cab, calm down). Some drunk ass chick sits down next to me and starts chatting me up for once about people dosing her drink. The whole time I somehow think she is going to dose my drink but am too drunk to care. She mentions husband at some point so I tune the fuck out and stop talking to her. She eventually leaves me alone. Popeye sees I'm restless so he tells me to take this card and go across the railroad tracks and around the corner.

At this point I've pushed my luck and have not gotten, stabbed, beaten up, or even raped(what's a guy got to do). So I say fuck it, this looks dangerous enough and go down the hill we are on across the pitch black railroad tracks, under a raised railway and to some strip club. I get in for free with Popeye's card. This is not the cool clubs I mentioned in previous posts. This is the loud ass one filled with drunk pervs you see in the movies. I can't for the life of me remember if I even saw a naked girl. I know I saw someone dance at some point. But the whole thing was very sketchy so when they started closing up I was out of there immediately(I was only there like 15 minutes). I then hailed a taxi and made it to the hotel asshole intact(I really really don't remember the cab ride at all). I run into Raul outside the hotel and we hit on some security guard who I was worried might not be 18 yet(she must have been otherwise why would you hire her). I stumble into the room where everyone is about to go to sleep and I am slurring my words and laughing(I'm a jolly drunk at least).

I wake up the next day at 8AM after about 5 hours of drunken sleep. Not the worst amount of time but I am hung over like crazy. I make it to the convention center at 9:30(when my shift started). Sunday turns out to be a crazier day than any Sunday I've been to at a con. Steven Grant(comic writer and column writer whose political stuff is especially good) asks for help at his signing and I get to go with him to the big Image table at the center of the convention to help him. It's way too early to sign so barely anyone shows up but the thousands of passersby think I'm big shit or something so I eat it up, hung over or not. I talk with Steven Grant aBout Elvis Costello and Wendy Williams(a girl walked by who looked like her). He tell me about being a music critic in the early eighties which is really cool. I then talk to Kyle Baker who is sitting next to us about Shin Chan(a cartoon we both love).

After that I am super burned out but end up back at my booth only to find my cat eyed mermaid is back at her booth. I of course talk to her some more(it's love folks, let it flow). She is like 6 foot 4 with heels. I'm like 5 foot 10 so I don't know what it is I'm thinking I'll get out of this but I will not let it go. I eventually buy one of the art books and ask for a sketch. She needs to do other stuff so she says she'll deliver it to me at my booth. I tell her some lame joke about if she gets into any trouble I can bail her out since I'm wearing a red shirt(all the security were wearing distinctive red shirts so I looked like them). Anyway, everyone heard me bellyaching about meeting that girl so when she showed up to give me the books personally all the dudes in the booth(who were way cooler than me) looked at me like I was some casanova. I totally ate it up and was like," yeah, you know how it is". Anyway the girl was very sweet very not interested and very nice about it. When I flipped to her profile in the back of the book I felt so incredibly inadequate. She had a very cool bunch of jobs and made me feel very unaccomplished. In a way it was the asskicking I needed to end all this. All these people I met had done so much and were not lazy at all. They all lived in L.A. and these ones at least were all genuine. Made me know that being in the shitty ass Bay Area was not the place for me. And wasting my time talking about doing things was just that, a waste of time.

No more wasting time. I will do my movie as soon as possible. Finish my comic proposals this month. And next summer is my last here. Fuck everyone. I got a life to live and people here really really suck. They suck everywhere sure, but the percentages are way off over here.

I did the water color at Mondo Gelato on Thursday night. It was supposed to be the 1000th random girl but I realized i was sitting a few feet from Tu-anh so I changed it to look like her. The other picture is a portrait of Jonathan doing his homework while at Comicon. The picture of the hall has Batgirl and Black Cat considering the gigantic convention hall. There is of course the Owl Ship from Watchmen(I have a bunch more pictures of it as well as inside of it). There is a picture of a guy dressed as Optimus Prime on Friday when i was tired and wobbly hence the blurry picture. The hot gothic cheerleader with like 6 inch heels making me look like an eleven year old. My beautiful mermaid love dwarfs me again(I think she just dressed like that because she loves mermaids). Funny thing is I made Tu-anh take the picture so I'd have a reason to go over there and talk some more. I was pretending to get her into drawing for them. Man, what an ass I am.

Yeah, again with the girls who all look a certain way. Fuck you.

I bought this Desolation Jones page of art from J.H. Williams whose Batwoman pages were probably the best pages of comic artwork in more than a few years. Just beyond anything I've seen in modern comics(except from him in Promethea which was a real high point in comic art for everyone even Alan Moore who wrote it). And for those new to Graphic Apparatus before I drew girls who look like the Mermaid girl(and other girls I like) all the girls I drew looked like my ex-girlfriend. I bought this page because this sequence was my favorite in that comic and the girl looked like my ex(super hot semi goth girl). I don't draw girls like that so much anymore but I still have a soft spot for them.

What's going on is this girl has some insider info on who Desolation Jones is investigating. He stops by for the info and she begs him to stay because he is the only person who can stand being around her. Just as Desolation Jones has been genetically altered by spy agencies in some tragic way so has this woman. Her pheromones make men have an arachnid reaction(basically they are so repulsed they can't be around her). Jones is the only person in LA so fucked up that he can stand being around her for more than a few minutes. It's actually a sad poignant moment in the story because it's the one time he is really sweet.

Anyway, I took off early to get to my plane was barely conscious the whole time got a ride from Keon, got some coffee in tim e to say good bye to sweet Diana and went to sleep. they were having a really good South Park marathon with Imagination Land and the one where Cartman freezes himself and wakes up 500 years in the future so I woke up and watched that for a few hours. Back to sleep and now here we are. Time to get to work and get enough stuff done to pay down my vacation and get the fuck out of here next year.

My ticket and the room and my job down there are all thanks to Jonathan. Girls, he is attractive, a hard worker, and single. Sic him. He hooked us all up with a pretty sweet deal down there.


Jul 26, 2008

I drink alone

The video is of my view from where I was working in the 12 Gauge Comics Booth. Thanks Doug, Kevin and Jonathan for the opportunity. In the video is Method Man, Seth Macfarlane of Family Guy(behind a throng of people), and most of the people of 12 Gauge.

Past 12 right now. Friday night. I may go to a showing of Tropic Thunder(edit: I didn't). Missed a showing of Pineapple Express. Worked at the 12 Gauge Comics booth. Had a good time but my fucking feet were killing me from all the walking and then standing over the last three days.
I missed the Watchmen panel(like an idiot) because i was busy buying a camera. I did see Method man and had to explain to him that the writer I was with was gone at the moment(the writer of Dust, his name is Mink and he was really cool). The writer of O.C.T. with Rosario Dawsen(who I didn't get to meet...grump grump) was way cool and gave me a lot of cool advise about life and stuff. Immediately after I was finished working I made a beeline across the aisle from me to talk to the girlsdrawingirls girls. there was a really cute one who was like 6 foot 3 and happened to fall into my exact type(except for the excessive height, but the more the merrier([more woman that is)]. They were cute and I'll go bother them again(because it is bothering, the last thing they want is some man to ask them some stupid shit and with me its gonna be stupid).
video For some reason Thursday kicked some ass. I had a good conversation with an artist way better than me who I instantly fell in love with(she looked a lot like Brandy but better[you know, Moesha). I said something like I hate meeting girls who are better artists than I am when she gave me her card which had artwork on it. She was way cool, but was probably with one of the three guys she was hanging with.
After the day was over I went to my hotel room and was getting bored so I went to the lobby. I saw there was some sort of party going on in a side room and walked in. I ordered some alcohol and the bartender said it was free as long as I had a ticket form some dude, so I asked the dude for a ticket. He looked at me asked if I was invited, and I said no, but can I still get a ticket. He said why would he give a ticket to free alcohol in a private party to someone who wasn't invited. I said I don't know but I like the art and I like beer. He reluctantly gave me a ticket and I decided to push my luck further by asking him about all the art. I was familiar with a few of the artists but the guy was flabbergasted that I would still pursue the whole thing after getting free beer and into a party I wasn't supposed to be at. After a while he decided he liked the cut of my jib and offered me a free book. I don't know how this all happened as the whole reason I even walked in was to talk to some girls who were cute.
Anyway, tonight my friends wanted to be boring and I wanted to meet new people so I left early and went to some bars by myself. It was alright but shit am I the only one who wants to party like a rockstar in this town filled with geeks. I thought we would all be on the same page. What the fuck? Whatever. Anyway I took some video over the course of the day and a lot of pictures with my new camera.

The pictures are of the convention center emptying out and the mass exodus across the street. Also we got Boba Phat and Darth Vader lounging it up. Plus some kid in awe of the Iron Monger costume from Iron Man. The art is the pencils for a painting of a photo I saw somewhere. More soon.

As I drink Sam Adams after bar hopping by myself and then taking a shower at the hotel, everyone has come back to crash and I am leaving with Raul(one of my roomies) and his friends to go to a bar after all. Full circle I guess. But not so much. We are all on different schedules somehow, isn't that just life for us all(made a weird Doogie Hauser like close to the whole post, as everyone is calling me a geek for typing). Better hurry the fuck up to that bar.


Jul 23, 2008

Get On My Harley, You Daughter Of A Bitch

I am writing this from San Diego. I'm on vacation, and working, and fucking off and trying to sell my comic. I should have some interesting stories in the next few days. Plus I have a shit load of material I've been holding back for when I get back from vacation. Feels good to be away from all my self imposed Alamo/Bay Area bullshit. It's not so bad except the, you know, women don't come out at night rule imposed in the Bay area. Not the fucking case here, holy shit, can I tell you that.

Looking for art to post(of my own). Here is a t-shirt design for to give to children. Goddamn does San Diego brim with beautiful women(just had to edit this like five minutes later because the hottest red head I've ever seen couldn't peel my eyes off of her alabaster goodness...Don't think she was trying to hard to not look hot, though). I think I may be staying with a girl on my Years End countdown of women I crushed on(she has like a highschool sweetheart so imagine me stabbing myself in the chest with a knife again...just kidding I'm over this one...so far...). I am across the street from the convention center. Best place I have ever stayed while down here. And this is the hotel where Olivia Munn is staying at(in my dreams at least).

Drawing drawing drawing. Fuck. Have to be on the straight and narrow to get all this done. Hurm. Yeah, what a drag. But the comic is looking good(if not more and more humiliating/funny/true). Almost all the way done when I find out my printer wants to only print in blue(Asshole the Printers blue period he calls it). So my humiliation remains private once again instead of shared over the world wide web as it should be. Fuck. I was really looking forward to the hate and emo call outs I was going to receive(I don't cry in it, I fall down an empty husk, more Morrissey in my opinion than Emo, but then again Morrissey is pretty emo...whatever). Fucking thought balloons are a real pain in the ass to make on the computer. Didn't even sleep last night. Will be up for about 40 something hours by the time I lay down(and I have no idea where that is I am sleeping or who with(whom exactly I am sharing a room with, pervs).

This song always made me laugh and feel like fucking and riding motorcycles(as opposed to some Torqe or Fast And Furious bullshit). Man I am hostile, happy, and horny right now. Vacation I guess.

I'll post some pictures of something or another after I buy a camera or something. Instead of these embarrassing computer vanity shots.


Jul 18, 2008

This Must Be The Place

Been working my ass off painting and drawing. Still have so much more to do. Got to get ready for San Diego. I also got to paint a nude with a model which was very fun. That will all be chronicled on next weeks post.

The Dark Knight was absolutely fucking excellent. Everything that comic book fans have been waiting for in terms of getting what we like about these characters right. I have read dozens of different interpretations of the Joker and somehow this one is the scariest. Harvey Dent was amazing. I even like Rachel, the love interest. Every character had his or her moment to shine(which is really amazing considering how many characters there are in it). Jim Gordan was great. And of course Christian Bale brought it again as the best Batman/Bruce Wayne ever. Everything I thought I had spoiled for me was not. This was way too complicated for simple spoilers. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen something different happened and there was much more to it in the first place. Plus the themes of duality and good versus evil were so complex. More than most any other crime movie around. Just fucking great. It is very long and very layered. So much more than anyone could have expected.

Haven't drawn Batman in a while. If you've been reading this blog for a long time you know he is my favorite superhero to draw by a longshot. I also included some sketches from when Mendoza and I went to Yerba Buena and sketched in the park. My brush pen was running out of ink and I had no water but the effect turned out cool.

This Must Be The Place(Naive melody) by the Talking Heads is probably my second or third favorite song ever(Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd is number one, and P.S. Goodbye by the Chameleons[the Peel Sessions version] is either second or third). It feels so comfortable. It makes me feel like I am sleeping next to the best person in the world and have nothing to think about but me and her. And the last few verses just get more and more intense until he can't express himself in words anymore. It's just love.

I remember once an ex-girlfriend who I had been in love with years after we broke up(we had a super long break up...like longest in history...and then make up...and then break up...and then awkward friendship..still is awkward) told me to listen to a certain song because it reminded her of us. And it was the final nail in the coffin. It somehow cemented that we were over(for me, she got it years before). It just all made sense. It made me want to cry(at the time I had no more tears so I didn't). I just knew how the lyrics related to us and why it was a kiss off, but in the gentlest most honest sense. I finally knew how she felt. It was the sweetest thing she could say. It makes me feel something when I hear it even today. It was Still Believe In Me by the Beach Boys.

Anyway, now onto less Emo bullshit. This is a weird video and but it gets normal after the first minute and a half. Still I love this song. The song that soothes me every time. This Must Be the Place.

Don't feel this way yet. Not alone at least. But I will. Till then this bed is too big without you.


Jul 13, 2008

These Days

Arrrgh. It was like some kind of Reunion of former Barista crushes last night. My three biggest crushes from Starbucks all in one place. It was funny because I hung out with my first Barista crush who I literally have never had a non coffee conversation with before. I guess I must have come pretty far that now I actually talk to them. My third Starbucks crush is Diana, so that was cool, but we hang out all the time now, and we're just friends(but holy hell is she like the coolest most down girl ever, and yes, hot). And then my second Starbucks crush shows up(uhg, with boyfriend attached...). She is my biggest Starbucks crush as chronicled in the comic I'm still working on and various posts. A little funny because she clearly has no idea. I told her she was in my comic and she said she wanted to see the art. That would be the literal funniest most interesting encounter ever if she were to read that in front of me. It would actually be worth the uncomfortable embarrassment just for the post modernness of her reading my most embarrassing thoughts about her in front of me. ...still so cute...get...rid...of...boyfriend... I'm still astounded that after all this time working on not being the douche bag I used to be I still find myself awkward with exactly one human being on this planet. Only one. Her. The only person who still intimidates me. It's like some weird obstacle I have to overcome in order to win(in my life or something). Think about it. Beauty no longer makes me stupid except when it comes to her. See...argh!

Anyway, I was hanging out with my buddies in the band Phoenix Ash. They had a great show. I was worried at first because the sound was all fucked up, but then they started and everything fell into place. I'll probably see them next saturday if I can remember where they were playing.

I'm also going to try to see my friends Mr. Loveless when they play at Kimo's on Tuesday or Wednesday(or whenever). They opened up for Frank Black this last Wednesday and fucking blew the other bands out of the water(even Frank Black who played nothing older than like the last three years...).

Saturday night/Sunday morning now and I just got back from my friend's Elayne and Jennie's house where we were drinking and watching Upright Citizens Brigade with Paul and Alabama Joe. There was some crazy room mate drama going on so me and Paul were doing our best to liquor them up but Paul fell asleep and started talking(which was hilarious). I got sleepy and I hate crashing at someone else's house so I bailed. Plus, you know, police/room mate troubles would suck to wake up to.

I made this video to show what I do all day(not enough is the answer). I am drawing that comic story in it. The beginning of the video is from that tuesday night I went to that strip club. This was at Zenobia, with Baron Davis(Formerly of the Warriors) hanging out. The picture was taken to get Baron Davis but I'm laughing because I don't know shit about basketball, but I do know a bunch of girls with hot asses are standing behind me. So I have a mischievous grin because I was all "fuck Baron Davis, take a picture of those girls". And thats why I'm Adrian and you're not. Thoughts like "why didn't Lyndsay Lohan wear that driver's jump suit in Herbie with the zipper pulled half down so we could see cleavage, fuck that it's disney, this is driving suit cleavage we're talking about here I don't want to have to rent Cannon Ball Run again just to see it."
videoThe rest of the video is at my house as I work on my super large pages for Thought Balloon Man(which is like 50% thought balloons hence the large amounts of space in every panel). It's funny that even the painting here which I just drew because I love it when girls wear these shorts kind of looks like what Keon was complaining about.

I need a girlfriend. I'm trying really hard here not to call that girl I didn't want to see again. I need to go on a fucking real date. I don't want to hook up with some girl at a bar. It's not my bag(not that that is happening left and right or anything, but...).

This is a good summer anyway. I heart baristas.


Jul 9, 2008

Half Life

Wow. A whole blog all to my lonesome. Time to stretch the arms and legs. Ahh, that's better. All by myself. No one to depend on. No one to help me. No one to bail my ass out when I'm an asshole or when I am too busy to post. Oh shit. I'm doomed!

Mendoza can post here whenever he wants. He designed almost the whole thing and started it all up. I just started posting highly opinionated posts and making way too much drama. He never said that, but he had to sit through the hundreds of hours of crap I had to say to someone or go all Ted Kyzinski(fuck it, who cares if I spelled it right, it's the Unabomber). Better him then all of you, dear friends. Sorry Mendoza.

Anyway, Mendoza and I are heavily in production on my Thought Balloon Man comic. I have a hell of a lot of inking and pencilling to do, and he has been gracious enough to letter the 8 page story(and there are a hell of a lot of letters in there since the majority of it takes place in the dudes head).

I write things on different days than I post so I have something I wrote but didn't post last week. Some chronicle of the depths of my depravity. This week, I'm taking it easy. Working a lot to make up for lost time. And the lost time involved a lot of alcohol and illicit encounters which I will live to regret(fuck regret, live to laugh about). It wasn't all great, but it was good.

I'm a little bit(a lot) tipsy as I write this. I recounted to Mendoza the last 48 hours in detail. Very few people(2) know all the details since I generally keep quite on that shit(and if it was an actual relationship the number of people I would have mentioned details to would be 0. I'm practically legendary in my privacy when in comes to that.). So the affair is over. I'm ready to move on(I already was, so this is no news to me). Flings kind of suck.

Anyways, Mendoza is out, so let's begin with way too much information(and here I am still not telling at least half).

But it really all began on the Tuesday before July 4th. A friend and I(he will remain nameless because a friend of his and I had to twist his poor arm to make the following events happen) went to the free museum day in San Francisco. It was fun, but some of the museums started charging so fuck em. After that we met up with my friends friend and went to dinner where a hot Puerto Rican woman was the bartender and we proceeded to flirt shamelessly. We then convinced my friend to go to this upscale strip club that his friend frequents. It was really nice inside. I had to turn down this one Dita Von Teese looking girl(which is pretty much the type I usually go for) because I was totally single minded. I explained to my friends friend what my exact new type was. He said, how are you ever going to find someone who fits that exact type. And then she walked on stage. Well you can guess that afterwards she came up, I accepted a dance from her(more than a few), and ended up making out with her at some point. Now, I have never ever thought I would do that kind of thing and it sounds really dirty, but you know, one thing led to another, and then that happens. I bit her ass at some point because I asked if I could spank her and she said I could bite it if I wanted to(I did both of course). Anyway, no more of that, it was getting a little fucked up. None of that stuff was stuff I thought I'd ever do. I'm usually the most innocent guy in the room.

The next day I somehow stayed home and did nothing. Guess I felt a little weird after all that craziness.

On Thursday I had it out(in several senses of the expression) with the girl I had been "seeing". It was good, it was bad, and then it was over with. I'm not gonna call her anymore. Not enough of a personality. And I didn't feel enough(she didn't either which was the reason I wanted to break it off). It wasn't actually very dramatic at all. So whatever.

Next I went out with Keon to get a little drunk. Walnut Creek made my balls feel like raisins in it's ineptitude. Sorry, I'm not shave headed with tattoos on my arms. I didn't know that was a sin. We went to a few sucky ass places and then said fuck it and hit up the Mallard. It was okay(leagues better than that other shit). We hung out and some girl rubbed her ass on my back while trying to play pool, which was cool. She said sorry, and I said something to the effect of it's okay, I'm not exactly adverse to your ass rubbing my shoulders(something to the effect I reiterate). She asked where was her dollar for services rendered. I said something like you'll have to do more than that, fine lady(again something to the effect, it's a fucking story, it's not literal, man, you'd think I had to go to journalism school or something here).

Then the next day I went to a fourth of july barbecue at my friend Alabama Joe's(and believe it or not I didn't make up the name and that is what everyone calls him). There were no girls there so I split(I don't mean you girls I'm friends with, I'm talking about the ones it wouldn't be half wrong to touch[codename:fondle] without a bunch of drama). I then went to my friend Nate's house which was much more fun(Alabama Joe lives in West Oakland and right across the street from my parking spot were some slingers[watch the Wire if you don't know what that means]). There were actually some hot girls there. And it was fun hanging out and eating(as it always is).

I saw Wanted and liked it. More than the comic(which was amazing art-wise, but writing-wise was pretty insulting) They should have said it was a super hero movie though because the action was impossible for humans. The comic really clarified that it wasn't humanly possible, it was superhumanly possible. Fuck it. I need to sleep. 4:22 right now. Even I am tired.

videoThe art is the first panel to Thought Balloon Man starring myself and "Name Withheld". Should be pretty funny(to other people, it was pretty depressing for me). The crappy sketch is of the stripper mentioned above. She really did look like every girl I draw lately. Keon made a request I stop drawing the same girl and I told him they are all different girls who look the same. Hell, that's how I even met them in the first place. The art of the creepy man and the trailer trash was a design for the Killer Joe play I did a poster for. This was never used(and it was just a rough). The video is of the summer vacation Taylor and I took last year where we drove from Datona Beach Florida to Pheonix Arizona(or some shit). I edited out all the good parts. And we didn't film the great parts. I look more like in the comic now a days. Except with the more facial hair.

Turning into some semi Hemingway wannabe fucker. Except without the writing talent.

Still happy. Weird. That will change soon no doubt.


Jul 4, 2008

Rivero's Indepence Day

How appropriate that I turn over Graphic Apparatus over to Adrian completely on the Fourth of July. He's now finally free of a blog contributor who rarely posts and who rarely says anything more than "This was drawn in pencil. Please tell me you like it because my ego needs the boost." So why are we parting ways on this blog when we were pretty much changing the art world with every post here? Turns out it's nothing that exciting. It boils down to me being unable to post on two blogs regularly. So keep reading all of Adrian's interesting life moments here, and you can always go over to mine if you are so inclined. It really has nothing to do with that garbage can that Adrian threw at my car's windshield during an argument last Tuesday. Just ask him.

More 4th of July news: My whole family didn't get to celebrate together today, but my nephew and oldest brother did come over while I was working on
this design for Threadless T-Shirts. After working a little more in Photoshop, it was time to throw the Nerf football around in the backyard, play some Wii boxing which is extremely tiring, and eat some dinner. No need to get into much else over the day's less than patriotic activities.

So that's that.

Remember to check out Adrian's design here, and the one I just put up a few minutes ago here. Thanks for checking out our work.